Shots All Around!

A new Arizona law allows permitted gun owners to carry loaded weapons into bars
A new gun law passes in Arizona

By Jeff Hoyt


Better be careful about rooting too loudly for your favorite World Series team Wednesday if you’re in an Arizona bar… especially if someone favoring the other team isn’t drinking.


Just in time for the first World Series game between the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, a new law in the state of Arizona takes effect Wednesday, October 28, that allows patrons with concealed weapons permits to carry their loaded guns into bars.


The law, however, prohibits gun-carriers from drinking alcohol in the establishments. So if you’re arguing with someone over who is going to win the Series, or whether Arizona or Arizona State has a better football team, you might want to consider the fact that they’re packing heat. Sort of gives a new interpretation to, “a round of shots at the bar.”

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