Hip Hop Cognac, part 3

After his arrest, rapper T.I. loses his Remy Martin deal
Rapper T.I. reportedly loses his Remy Martin deal after his arrest

By Jeff Hoyt

We hate to say, “I told you so!” And by “hate” we mean “love,” like, in hip-hop, “bad” can actually mean “good.”


You may recall that we questioned the wisdom of Remy Martin Cognac naming felon/rapper T.I. their Global Creative Consultant after serving time on weapons charges. Shortly thereafter, we reported on his Los Angeles drug arrest. Now it appears the cognac house and others believe it’s time to drop him like he’s hot.


After being sentenced to eleven additional months behind bars on the probation violation stemming from the arrest, T. I. has reportedly lost his Remy Martin deal.  In addition, he has also lost his sponsorship deal for AXE Body spray. It seems there are only a certain number of felonies a rapper can get caught committing before endorsement deals dry up.


There is some good news, though: LA prosecutors have dropped the drug charges against him since he has already been sentenced to serve prison time. And, after turning himself in to the Forrest City federal facility in Arkansas on November 1, he’ll have more time to craft songs behind bars as he gains even more street cred. Let’s see how long after his release before he is hired again as a commercial spokesman. His latest album, re-titled No Mercy, drops November 7. He decided to change the original name, King Uncaged, because, well, he’s not uncaged anymore.

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