The Smelly Cheese Shop

A variety of cheeses from Australia
A variety of cheeses from Australia

by Alain Gayot

Going to a food market in any locale gives you a pretty good idea of what’s going on and teaches you a lot about a community and its people. I like to say that every time I head to Paris, as soon as I get off the plane, I head straight for the market. Each time I do that, I am amazed at the plethora of products, even if sometimes the morel mushrooms come from Oregon.


After a 23 hour trek from Los Angeles to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, we headed to the Central Market where, amongst an assortment of kangaroo and crocodile meats, local seafood offerings and exotic fruits, we were surprised to discover cheeses. Say what? Yes, cheese of the very best kind, made in various parts of the vast state of South Australia.


We ran into Mark Gleeson, who in addition to owning a produce stand, Providore, happens to be a local resource when it comes to food tourism. He then led us to a private cheese tasting at the headquarters of the people behind Say Cheese and The Smelly Cheese Shop. There, Valerie Henbest put out some of her selections: A Barossa Valley Baillie Brie, a Pecorino from the Limestone Coast, a great cheddar from Alexandrina creamery and a delectable Pompeii washed rind, all from cow’s milk. There was also a La Petite Princesse goat cheese and a killer Roquefort style ewe: Brebis Blue. It was time to say “cheese” and take that picture.



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