STP Gas Booster Review


STP Gas Booster Concentrated Fuel System Treatment
STP Gas Booster Concentrated Fuel System Treatment

by Michael Gately

Unless you’re a hard-core gearhead, you might not know that the condition of your car’s fuel system, which transports fuel from your gas tank to the engine, can have an enormous effect on the engine’s performance.

The fuel system (including the fuel tank, fuel pump and filter, emission control system and fuel injector) is susceptible to all types of harmful deposits that can gradually reduce engine power, fuel efficiency and driveability over time.

Enter the STP Gas Booster Concentrated Fuel System Treatment – a powerful fuel additive designed to eliminate these deposits in order to restore your engine to peak performance.

Administering the treatment is easy: simply pour the 2 fl oz “shot” directly into your car’s gas tank and it’ll begin cleaning out your fuel system immediately. Formulated with potent detergents that help unclog the really nasty gunk from the fuel system and safe for use in all gasoline engines,
the Gas Booster mixes with the gasoline (up to 15 gallons’ worth) and helps it cleanse the fuel system as it makes its way to the engine.

You should almost instantly detect some of the positive effects of a cleaner fuel system, including improved acceleration, increased power, decreased hard starts and rough idling, not to mention the sizable financial benefits that come with maximized fuel efficiency.

Should your fuel system require regular cleanings, the Gas Booster’s reasonable price (MSRP is $4) means that you can repeat the whole process again and again
; in fact, STP recommends that the treatment be used each time the gas tank is refilled. Overall, we highly recommend this product and look forward to using it much more in the future.


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