Peru in Marina del Rey, CA: A Great Trip

by Sophie Gayot

Recently, a gourmet friend of mine asked me to recommend a restaurant in Marina del Rey, which is on the water just outside of Los Angeles and where surprisingly there are not too many good options. Since I dine at so many restaurants, I rarely steer friends to places I haven’t been to myself. But having enjoyed Ricardo Zarate‘s cooking at Picca as well as Mo-Chica, I suggested she try his new restaurant Paiche even though I had yet to visit.

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Lines for Chef Zarate’s Peruvian Cuisine

by Sophie Gayot

The first time I discovered chef Ricardo Zarate’s Peruvian cuisine was at his original restaurant Mo-Chica which was lost somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. It looked more like a food court than an actual restaurant. But when I saw the plates of other patrons as they passed by my table, I knew it was going to be good. At the end of dinner, Zarate told me that he was going to open another style of Peruvian restaurant in West Los Angeles. After my dinner at Mo-Chica, I had high expectations for his new place. A few weeks ago I headed to Picca on Pico Blvd., and I was not disappointed at all. Watch my exclusive video interview with chef Zarate to get a first glimpse at what he has created at his new restaurant. Also, read my just published review of Picca restaurant.

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