FIJI Water’s A Dinner with the True Tastemakers of Los Angeles

FIJI Natural Artesian Water
FIJI Natural Artesian Water

Just Add Water [and a Bit of Cash]

by Alain Gayot

Anyone with discerning taste wants to arrive in a brand new luxurious environmentally-friendly Lexus hybrid, sport a Christian Dior suit, be able to give you the time from their Cartier watch. . . and be seen drinking out of a FIJI Water bottle. We were exposed to this luxe lifestyle recently at Galerie Half in the company of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LA City Council President Eric Garcetti, a bunch of distinguished guests from fashion houses, local chefs—courtesy of Lynda and Stewart Resnick of Teleflora, POM Wonderful fame—and owners of the crisp and pure FIJI Natural Artesian Water.

Water is so simple, yet, so complicated, but the key is to get it from a clean source free of pollutants. FIJI Water is that. Unlike surface water from a spring that is affected by acid rains, etc., artesian water is pure, clean, mineral rich, and therefore healthy. As a matter a fact, the water in a bottle of FIJI water that you might find in your suite at the Four Seasons is over 200 years old: the time it took for it to be filtered. And since Fiji is in the middle of nowhere, you’d expect future water to remain somewhat clean.

Everyone mingled over signature Grey Goose cocktails, as the main purpose of the evening was to honor local chefs—young and seasoned, from classic styles of cuisine to molecular gastronomy—who are the true tastemakers of Los Angeles, and to associate fashion with food.

Susan Feniger: Susan Feinger’s STREET
Mary Sue Miliken: Border GrillCiudad
Mark Peel: Campanile / The Tar Pit
Roy Choi: Kogi BBQ-To-Go
Jorge Chicas: The Bazaar by José Andrés
Steven Fretz: XIV
Ilan Hall: The Gorbals
Michael Voltaggio: Voltaggio Brothers

And speaking of food, four passed appetizers accompanied by Moet & Chandon Champagne Imperial en magnum preceded an eight-course meal prepared by Nobu Matsuhisa: starting with a seafood harumaki with caviar and finishing with a beetroot-orange cremoso via a grilled Chilean sea bass and truffles all paired with a 2005 Sliver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

An equally luxurious party favor Puma bag contained items from Bulgari, Oliver Peoples, H&M and Carasoin Spa to name a few, but the most important contribution of the evening was a donation of $1,000 per each of the 34 guests to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

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