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Best Barbecue Sauces & Rubs

The Secret's in the Sauce

Whether you want your sauces to be spicy, sweet or smoky with just a hint of tang, our list of featured barbecue marinades and rubs — which range from Southern to gourmet to down Texan way — will be sure to keep your grill working all summer long, or all year, if that's what you prefer.


Try Full Moon Bar-B-Que Sauce  with pork, ribs, chicken, brisket, sausage or vegetables

Full Moon Bar-B-Que Sauce

This award-winning, Southern-style barbecue sauce is bursting with tangy and sweet heat. It'll add a whole new layer of flavor when cooking your meats and vegetables of choice.

Taste and see for yourself

CattleBoyZ Chipotle Maple Bacon is gluten- and fat-free

CattleBoyZ BBQ Sauce in Chipotle Maple Bacon
Flavor your choice of meats, from chicken to steaks and everything in between (even vegetables), with this Canadian-produced, award-winning barbecue sauce. Get the full-bodied taste.

Try the full-bodied taste

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Chipotle Molasses

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Chipotle Molasses

This tasty topping from chef Steven Raichlen keeps meats moist and doesn't char or burn during cooking. The Chipotle Molasses Barbecue Sauce walks the line between sweet and hot, but is never cloying or off-putting.

Get a taste of this sauce

Stubb's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce

Stubb's Original Bar-B-Q Sauce

This thick and zesty tomato-based sauce hails from west Texas and works well as a marinade or a convenient dipping sauce. It comes in a variety of flavors, including Smokey Mesquite, Honey Pecan, Hickory Bourbon, and good ol’ Mild.

Go ahead and pick a flavor

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauces

Sweet Baby Ray's
Barbecue Sauces

These inexpensive, easy-to-find, down-home-style sauces will be a welcome addition to your next barbecue. Flavors include Original, Honey, Hickory & Brown Sugar, Hot 'N Spicy, Honey Chipotle and Sweet Vidalia Onion.

Try each of the flavors

Sake to Me Hottie Marinade

Sake to Me Hottie Marinade

This gourmet teriyaki marinade will make any boring dish adventurous! Sake to Me Hottie Marinade incorporates fresh chiles and cayenne pepper for a kick that will satisfy your craving for something spicy. The special ingredient in all of creator Lon Christopher’s sauces is Sake, the Japanese rice wine, which tenderizes meat and crystallizes veggies to perfection.

Feel the burn

Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Sauce

Rufus Teague Honey Sweet Sauce

This flask-shaped bottle may be tough and manly on the outside, but it sure is sweet on the inside. This tantalizing BBQ marinade is sure to keep you coming back for more. Rufus Teague’s Honey Sweet sauce is made of natural ingredients such as raisins, molasses and Dijon mustard. There are no hard-to-pronounce ingredients or chemicals, which is evident upon first taste.

Taste the difference

Hickoryworks Pure Brown County Shagbark Hickory Syrup

Hickoryworks Pure Brown County Shagbark Hickory Syrup
From the backwoods of Indiana comes a sweet, smoky concoction to replace sugar or maple syrup in your favorite glaze recipes. Unlike syrups made from tree sap, this amber mixture is made from the bark of the shagbark hickory tree, which is native only to Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. Produced by a husband and wife team from trees on their own land, the syrup has a rich, woodsy flavor that no industrially-made syrup can match. Combine with Bourbon, and you’ve got the perfect marinade for ribs!

Find an 8 oz. bottle for an affordable price

D'Oni Marinades

D'Oni Marinades
Simple grilled meats and vegetables are a healthy summer treat that can too easily be spoiled by sauces high in sugar, sodium or fat. D’Oni gourmet marinades, spreads and glazes, which are all fat-free and low-sodium, offer a health-conscious way to enhance grilled meals without sacrificing creativity of flavor. Musically-named marinades like What’s Goin’ On Soy-Pear-Ginger Korean Teriyaki, Happy Together Orange-Chile-Garlic and Moondance Marinade sing with unique combinations of flavors for marinating tri-tip, steak, poultry, tofu and vegetables.

Feast without worry

Memphis Minnie's BBQ Sauce

Memphis Minnie’s BBQ Sauce
Try out three regional styles of barbecue in one backyard with Memphis Minnie’s sauces. Get the restaurant’s slow-roasted flavor by adding your choice of Texas Red Sauce, North Carolina Vinegar Sauce or South Carolina Mustard sauce. The names speak for themselves, but your ribs may leave guests speechless.

Give a little, get a lot

Memphis Championship Barbecue Sauce

Memphis Championship Barbecue Sauce
Sticking to Memphis terrain, Memphis Championship Barbecue founder Mike Mills packs his sauces in two varieties: Original and Spicy. Mills, who has won the Memphis in May championship on several occasions, recommends marinating meats with “Magic Dust” instead of sauce, which he suggests you save until the end of the cooking time and keep on hand to dip the finished meats. The “Original” sauce has a sweet-and-sour tang while the “Spicy” variation is a blast of chiles and vinegar. The products do contain peanut oil. Sold by the 20-ounce bottle for $5. The Memphis Championship Barbecue Magic Dust is a “heavenly mixture of flavorful herbs and spices” with heavy notes of cumin, dried onion and peppercorns. Sold in three-ounce jars for $5.

Experience the magic

Goode Company BBQ Sauce

Goode Company BBQ Sauce

Here is a sauce that proves that Texans know their barbecue. It comes from the Goode Company, a popular Texas barbecue chain that also sells barbecue products. Their signature sauce is a great mix of both sweet and spicy and is powerfully packed with flavors of honey, bacon, chili powder and other spices. Plus, it has a thinner consistency than most sauces on the market — think more marinade, less gravy — which makes it easier for meats to absorb its smoky flavor. It works best on ribs, chicken or smoked brisket, but barbecue fans can also use it on sandwiches or as a dipping sauce. The sauce is available in Original, Heavy Garlic and Jalapeño Garlic. Dieters can also try Goode Company’s assorted barbecue rubs, which offer intense seasonings without the calories. $6.50 for 13 oz. bottle, Original is $5.95.

Make it BBQ Texan-style

Omaha Steaks Inc.

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