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A preview of the short film that participants can be featured in during the Jaguar Performance Tour

Jaguar Announces Art of Performance Tour
A new take on the traditional test drive model is here. Jaguar announced their new Performance Tour taking place across the country where participants will appear in their own short film called The Audition and take the new 2017 Jaguar XE sport sedan out for a spin on a closed race track. For the first time, test driving a new model will meet the digital world and attendees will be able to upload and share their short movies onto Facebook after the event. To find out more or sign up, visit the Jaguar official website

Jay Leno arrives in the V60 at Volvo's anniversary event in Paramount Pictures Studios

Volvo Celebrates 60 Years in the Industry
Volvo recently celebrated 60 years of success in America's car manufacturing industry during their anniversary event in Los Angeles, CA on October 24, 2015. Now, they are challenging Californians to go a month without washing their cars to help save water during the drought. To show off your drought-friendly ride, use the hashtag #DrivingDirty or find more information on the Volvo official website

Charger port of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt Premier

Chevrolet Unveils 2016 Volt Premier Model
Chevrolet has introduced the 2016 Volt Premier to their line of hybrid-electric vehicles. This sleek, five-door hatchback has a 1.5L range extender gas engine that kicks in when its electric vehicle miles (EV miles) are up.

Dan Ferretti demonstrates the features of the Lincoln Continental Concept 30-Way Seats

Lincoln Continental Concept 30-Way Seats
The Lincoln Motor Company has once again revolutionized the way we travel. At an event in Los Angeles, the automaker previewed its newest creation — the Lincoln Continental Concept 30-Way Seats. The design is inspired by first-class and private airplane seats, and health and environmental professionals approve of the concept's features.

Lorenzo Trefethen, third generation Napa Valley Wine Maker, gets his first win in auto racing

Two Generations of Trefethen Family Auto Racers
Lorenzo Trefethen, third-generation vintner and vice president of Trefethen Family Vineyards, took first place at the prestigious Pirelli World Challenge Porsche GT Club Class, with his No. 13 Trefethen Vineyards Porsche 911 GT Cup race car. He follows in the footsteps of his father, John Trefethen who races in the Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy and is currently ranked No. 1 in the Platinum Masters class.

Google Lexus RX Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Cars and Privacy Concerns
There are many hurdles for companies such as Delphi and Google to overcome before releasing their self-driving cars to the public. Concerns have been raised about safety after reports that four different autonomous vehicles were involved in separate collisions. But another concern, which privacy advocate watchdogs warn is even more alarming to consumers, is the unrestricted access to private data.

Audi Blue Crude

Audi Successfully Creates Synthetic Oil
In a major clean-fuels milestone, an Audi pilot plant in Dresden has begun producing synthetic oil out of carbon dioxide, water and electricity. The process involves electrolysis of water at high temperatures to produce hydrogen and oxygen, then reacting the hydrogen with carbon dioxide at extreme temperatures and pressures to form long-chain hydrocarbons, a product which Audi calls "blue crude." This can then be refined to produce a diesel that burns cleaner and more efficiently than fossil-fuel diesel.


Watch the movie stuntman Jim Downhall tackle an epic London water crossing in the new, lightweight Jaguar XF sedan.


The Toyota Mirai at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

Toyota Releases Hydrogen Fuel Cell Patents
Toyota has released about 5,680 patents related to hydrogen fuel cell technology. In a bold move showing the automaker's commitment to making hydrogen a mainstream fuel, it has made much of its development work available to other transport and energy providers free of charge. The fuel cell-powered Toyota Mirai will be available to the public in California starting late 2015.


The aftermarket exhibition at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

Cars of Tomorrow Converge in Los Angeles
From November 21- 30 2014, Automakers from around the world showcase their newest and most exciting models, technologies and concepts at the LA Auto Show in downton Los Angeles. Highlights of the show include the Corvette Z06, the all-new Mercedes AMG GT R, and the fuel-cell-powered Toyota Mirai.

The BMW Z4 Zagato
BMW and Toyota Partner to Develop New, Hybrid Sports Car
More details have emerged about the new sports car platform BMW and Toyota are jointly developing. Said to be hitting the market within three years, Toyota's version of the new car will likely wear a Supra badge, while the BMW version will slot in as the replacement for the Z4 roadster.

Volvo Introduces New Drive-E Powertrains
The product of several years' and billions of dollars' worth of research and development, Volvo's new line of Drive-E powertrains utilizes forward-thinking technology to provide improved performance and fuel economy.
The Volvo Drive-E engine offers improved performance and efficiency

Bose teamed with NXP for their advanced noise-cancelling technology
Bose Offers Noise-Cancelling Technology in All Vehicles
Bose Active Sound Management software targets and blocks unwanted engine and powertrain noise. The system is now available for use in all car models outfitted with sound systems in the appropriate frequency range.

Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Unveil
The all-new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe was recently unveiled at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles. Check out GAYOT's blog to watch a video of the dramatic ceremony and learn more about this powerful sports coupe. Or, you can catch the F-TYPE Coupe in person at the LA Auto Show.
A three-quarter front view of the Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe

Toyota's Automated Highway Driving Assist allows cars to communicate information on speed, braking and more
Toyota Introduces New Safety Technology
At a recent Tokyo event, Toyota unveiled a slew of next-generation active safety systems that focus on collision avoidance and reducing driver workload.

EPA Develops MPG Window Stickers for Used Cars
The U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA recently introduced stickers that show the fuel economy and emissions of used cars and trucks, similar to those found on new vehicles.
Used-car MPG labels display EPA ratings and emissions for vehicles from the 1984 model year and newer

A three-quarter front view of the BMW i3
BMW i3 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Set for Production
After previously experimenting with electric power for the ActiveE Concept, BMW is finally ready to enter the EV segment with the all-new i3, a lithium-ion battery-powered hatchback set for commercial release in the second quarter of 2014.


Toyota Offers Extended Test Drives with Rental Car Program
Whether you're looking to take an extended test drive, or simply need a cool car to tool around town in while on vacation, Toyota has you covered with its new rental car program.
The Toyota Prius c is one of a number of available hybrids in the Toyota Rent a Car program

The Aston Martin DB9 Plug-In Hybrid made in collaboration with Bosch Engineering
Aston Martin Introduces Alternative Fuel Vehicles
While Aston Martin has long been known for its fast and fuel-thirsty luxury vehicles, a pair of recent partnerships hint at the British badge's increasing interest in alternative fuels.

Apple and Volkswagen Launch New iBeetle
The Silicon Valley giant is now infiltrating the auto market with the iBeetle, which not only offers Apple-inspired design features and color schemes, but also advanced integration for the iPhone and other Macintosh products.
The interior of the new iBeetle with specially designed iPhone dock


Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna Announce Partnership
GM Partners with AT&T to Bring Wi-Fi to Vehicles
Honda Teams Up with Siri for Select 2013 Models
BMW Expands Partnership with Fairmont Hotels


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