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Car Product Reviews

The GoPro Hero camera can be mounted to your car for high-quality action shots

Automotive gadgets will enhance any driving experience, helping you with everything from avoiding speeding tickets, achieving higher gas mileage, answering phone calls on the go, entertaining backseat passengers and making your vehicle’s body shine. Browse the following car product reviews to learn more about the latest Bluetooth hands-free phones, police radar scanners, portable GPS navigation devices, iPod accessories, and fashion, safety and automobile care products.

Love Your Leather
Mothers LeatherTech

Mothers LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel Cream

Upholstery upkeep is an essential part of any vehicle cleaning regimen, especially for those of us with leather or vinyl surfaces that can quickly crack or fade when neglected. Thankfully, Mothers has your seats (literally) covered with its line of LeatherTech car care products.

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Three Months of Stylish Front-End Protection
Armor All Custom Shield Coating

Armor All Custom Shield Coating

For those looking to protect the front-end of their automobiles from road debris without the cost and hassle of an auto bra, the spray-on, peel-off Armor All Custom Shield Coating provides an easy solution that looks stylish and lasts for up to three months.


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Because Your Engine Deserves It
STP Gas Booster Concentrated Fuel System Treatment

STP Gas Booster Concentrated Fuel System treatment

Restore your car's engine to peak performance with the STP Gas Booster! This highly-concentrated fuel additive will thoroughly clean your fuel system of the myriad clogs that detract from your engine's efficiency. Though the bottle may appear quite diminutive, it packs a powerful punch and is capable of treating up to 15 gallons of gasoline.

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Protect Your Car's Health

The complete Car MD kit, with handheld device, downloadable software, USB cable and carrying case

Have a hunch that your car has a problem? The CarMD Vehicle Health System accesses your car's onboard computer system via an easy-to-use handheld device to provide a diagnostic report on engine, electronic and emissions systems.


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Speed 'n' Shoot
GoPro HD Motorsports HERO Camera

The GoPro HD Motorsports HERO Camera is perfect for capturing memories at the track

Share your memories of checkered flags at the track with the GoPro HD Motorsports Hero! Offering professional quality 1080p resolution, this high-performance camera takes both video and still photos, and can be easily mounted to helmets, motorcycles, ATVs, cars, boats and more.


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Keeping On Top of Things

The ScanGaugeII with its cable, connectors, manual and box

A great way to conserve gasoline is to keep track of its use with the portable and versatile ScanGaugeII. Along with its real-time digital gauges, this three-in-one aftermarket automotive computer can also measure four sets of trip data and retrieve trouble codes, saving a costly trip to the mechanic if the check engine light is a false alarm.

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Smooth Operator
Armor All Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax

Armor All Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax prevents dirt and grime from binding to your vehicle's paint

Waxing a car can be a (literally) painful process, and the often-residue-streaked results never quite seem to justify the ensuing arm ache. However, the easy-to-apply Armor All Ultra Shine Butter Smooth Wax requires no hazing or buffing, saving you valuable time and energy.


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All-In-One Fun
Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT Navigation System

A Pioneer Electronics AVIC-Z120BT Navigation System displaying the ECO Graph function

Combining cutting-edge navigation software with smart phone compatibility and an endless array of entertainment features, the AVIC-Z120BT provides true hands-free functionality in an integrated and easy-to-use on-board computer.

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Keep On Shinin'
Armor All Wheel Protectant

Armor All Wheel Protectant

Keeping car wheels clean can be a real pain; however, with Armor All Wheel Protectant—the latest in a line of products aimed at maintaining that crisp, new car shine—you have a powerful new ally in the everlasting battle against the rim-ravaging elements. This brake dust and road grime repellent is designed to keep wheels cleaner longer, and make cleaning them easier next time!

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Great Conversation Piece
BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Car Kit

BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Car Kit

This compact, sun-visor-mounted speakerphone is helpful for cell phone owners behind the wheel who dislike earpieces and cannot use handheld devices. Capable of connecting two phones simultaneously, BlueAnt’s S4 Bluetooth Car Kit can use voice command dialing and play music, providing motorists and their passengers a safe and enjoyable communication experience.

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Get Back On the Road Faster
Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

A set of blue Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

Jump-starting a dead car battery is quick, safe and easy with Michelin’s new 10-foot-long Smart Jumper Cables. While conventional jumper cables require that a specific positive and negative cable be attached to its corresponding battery terminal, the Smart Jumper Cables automatically adjust polarity, meaning you can use either clamp with any connection on a standard 12-volt battery.

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In-depth Rejuvenator
ICE Wheel and Tire Cleaner

ICE Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Washing your car’s wheels and tires can be a hassle since it is difficult to remove accumulated road grime and brake dust from hard-to-reach niches. This issue, however, is no problem for ICE Wheel and Tire Cleaner. The spray bottle, a part of Turtle Wax’s ICE Car Care System, serves as a complete package to getting your treads spic-and-span.

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Auto Racing Chic
TAG Heuer Eyewear - Squadra Collection

TAG Heuer Eyewear's Squadra sunglasses

Inspired by automobile racing, TAG Heuer’s Squadra collection from its Avant-Garde eyewear line blends performance with sleek design, and is ideal for under-the-helmet wear. Even for those of us who abide by double-digit speed limits, the superior fit, durability and comfort of these sharp-looking frames make it more than appealing for everyday wear.

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