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Vitamin Water & Enhanced Water

A Brand New Water World

Find out why Glacéau Vitaminwater is one of the most popular enhanced water brands

Enhanced Water Brands

The entire world depends on water to survive, whether it's from a well, a river, or a bottle. But in cosmopolitan areas in the U.S. like Los Angeles and New York, water is more than the key to life — in these cities, the brand of water you drink says a lot about you. Water has become a fashion accessory, a statement. Do you like Fiji, because the bottle is so pretty? Or do you go for so-called enhanced water, which purports to do more than simply wet your whistle? There's a whole sea of new options, from rap-star inspired H2O that delivers "fiddy" percent of your daily vitamins, to weight-loss water to spiritual water. Bottoms up!

ACTIVATE Drinks release a powdered supplement upon opening


The line of vitamin-enhanced flavored waters features a cap that releases a powdered supplement upon opening. ACTIVATE comes in four varieties: Vitamin, in a fruit punch flavor; Immunity, which combines vitamins with echinacea in an orange flavor; the berry-flavored Antioxidant; and the lemon-lime Energy, which includes caffeine, creatine and assorted vitamins. Each bottle of ACTIVATE contains only five calories and zero sugar. Read our full review here

Glacéau Vitaminwater

Vitaminwater is enhanced with vitamins, electrolytes and performance boosters such as bioenergy ribose

Vitaminwater, introduced by Glaceau in 2000, is nutrient-enhanced H20 with vitamins, electrolytes and performance boosters such as bioenergy ribose. This sports drink alternative literally tastes like what it promises: semi-sweet fruit water with vitamins. It’s a good substitute for sodas and sugar-laden fruit juices, as it’s relatively low in calories, and chockfull of nutrients, from Vitamins C and B to guarana, ginseng and magnesium. Flavors include vital-t, balance, power-c and formula 50, named after the rapper 50 Cent. Glaceau is also the creator of SmartWater.



Penta undergoes a patented, eleven-hour, thirteen-step purification process

Bio Hydration Research Lab and AquaPhotonics, its makers and distributors, claim that their“ultra clean” purified drinking water has a different chemical structure than regular water, which gives Penta a higher boiling point, higher surface tension and lower viscosity. Penta starts as Carlsbad, Calif. city water, and then undergoes a patented, eleven-hour, thirteen-step purification process. To counter claims of being pseudoscientific, the Penta masterminds list studies concluding that Penta hydrates the body 16.7 times faster than other bottled water. You be the judge.

Liquid OM Water

Liquid Om is the first frequency enhanced bottled water
Liquid OM is said to provide balancing energy through the vibration of the universe. Their patent pending process is based on the principles of sound therapy used to attune purified water to the frequency of the earth. The theory is that the vibration of the sound “Om” (a favorite mantra of yogis), when applied to water, creates a “better water.” A portion of sales is donated to the National Geographic Society and Global Water to support social and environmental causes.
Sanfaustino is a calcium-rich water manufactured in Umbria, Italy



Dubbed “the calcium water,” sparkling Sanfaustino table water is manufactured in Umbria, Italy, where it’s sourced from slightly effervescent water naturally high in the important mineral. It is the first water recognized by the National Osteoporosis Foundation to have therapeutic effects such as improving bone health and preventing osteoporosis — it carries the "Friend of NOF" symbol. Augmented with minerals, eight glasses provide eighty percent of the adult RDA for calcium. In fact, even the FDA officially considers it a good source of calcium.

Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water

Pure Life is spiked with calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulfate

Of course, the largest bottled water company in the United States also hopped onto the enhanced water ride. Nestlé Waters North America, the company that brought Perrier to the U.S. in 1976, offers Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water, which is spiked with calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulfate. Curiously, they have discontinued their spring water Pure Life line. They also put out Nestlé Pure Life Natural Fruit Flavored Water, which is mildly flavored with fruit and sweetened with SPLENDA.

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