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Genre: Supernatural Drama
Rated: PG-13
Directed by:
Mennan Yapo
Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Kate Nelligan, Peter Stormare, Amber Valletta, Nia Long
Released by: Sony Pictures

In Short: An interesting premise and a quality cast fail to save this film from its deluded, drawn-out plot and illogical script.

Say "Huh?"
Be Forewarned of a Disaster
by Jenny Peters

"Premoniton" starts out well enough. From the good casting—always likable Sandra Bullock is Linda Hanson, mother of two girls and wife of handsome Jim (played by drool-worthy hunk Julian McMahon)—to the intriguing premise, it seems to portent the unfolding of a good film.

But that gut feeling turns out to be a totally misguided premonition, for this movie is a mess of an experience. Bullock's character gets caught in a strange time-shifting continuum, where one day she is informed by police that her husband has died in a fiery car crash, then the next she awakes and he is sleeping by her side. And so on and so on, as she slowly unravels psychologically and intellectually, much to the chagrin of her mother, daughters, therapist and best friend (each of whom gets to emote in an over-the-top emotional scene with her). Is he alive? Is he dead? Do we even care?

Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon
Amber Valletta in Premonition

The promising set-up quickly devolves into a slog through slowly unfolding scenes that ultimately make no sense. So not only is the film a seat-squirming, watch-checking exercise in dullness, it also never even remotely attempts to explain why or how this woman is traveling back and forth in time.

Piecing it together?

The sad part is that Bullock actually gives a very believable performance, as does McMahon, who seamlessly morphs from loving husband to indifferent partner to straying adulterer and back to loving husband. But even these two talented actors cannot salvage an illogical, ridiculous script.

Finally, insert a hokey ending that, even if you have been playing along throughout the interminable unspooling of the story, truly makes you go "Huh?" and there is only one conclusion for "Premonition": follow this advance warning and skip this disappointing mess of a movie

(Updated: 03/19/07 LH)

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