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"Get Smart" movie poster

Get Smart
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: PG-13
Directed by:
Peter Segal
Starring: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, Terence Stamp
Released by: Warner Bros. Pictures

In Short: This pale imitation of the classic '60s television comedy about a bumbling secret agent commits two unforgivable crimes: it is both boring and not funny for even a moment.
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Try to Control Your Disappointment
There's Nothing Smart About This Flick

Sometimes, it works really well when a beloved television series jumps to the big screen. From the recent smash hit Sex and the City to older favorites like The Addams Family or The Brady Bunch, it is definitely possible to make that leap. Sadly, Get Smart is not one of those films.

On paper, it seems to have potential. With funnyman Steve Carell taking over the Don Adams role of Maxwell Smart, the bumbling yet lovable CONTROL secret agent who, along with Agent 99 (played in the movie by likable Anne Hathaway), fights the evil forces of KAOS, Get Smart should have been filled with classic comedic moments. Add in Oscar winner Alan Arkin as the Chief, the always-charming Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as one of CONTROL’s super-secret agents, and Terence Stamp as the perfect KAOS bad guy, and this flick should have been a slam-dunk of fun.

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell in "Get Smart"
Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell in "Get Smart"

Instead, Get Smart is a deathly boring slog through an incredibly stupid and predictable plot, without a single good laugh to redeem it. Carell gives it his best, but when director Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, 50 First Dates) and his writers (who are definitely not Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the original "Get Smart" comic geniuses) choose to begin the film with Max as a desk agent with a history of obesity, it is basically all downhill from there. Max in a fat suit is not the Get Smart any fan of the old series was hoping for in this new version!

Sure, there are a couple of relatively good action sequences along the way, but any James Bond flick does that a hundred times better. What we wanted in Get Smart was a combination of sight gags, hilarious dialogue, and funny super-spy situations; what we got instead is a mishmash of attempted (and completely flat) humor, serious spy stuff that is so derivative as to be embarrassing, and a Maxwell Smart who is nothing like the original character.

To get your Get Smart fix, we suggest that you stay home and check out the complete original series on DVD rather than heading to the local multiplex to see this sad, pale imitation of the original.

By Jenny Peters

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