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October 2015
Vol. XIII, No. 3

Find the right wines to pair with seafood

Top 10 Seafood Wines

The world of wine is your oyster: This handy list will ensure you have the right glass to pair with the day's freshest catch.

Fall beers bring hearty flavors to the harvest season

Top 10 Fall Beers

Quench your craving for hearty beers. These seasonal specialties include American craft brews and a bittersweet Belgian ale.

Rum is a versatile spirit that's perfect in cocktails, straight up or on the rocks

Top 10 Rums

Join the rum renaissance: From light and dry to dark and rich, this versatile spirit is perfect in cocktails, straight up or on the rocks.

Enjoy grape- and wine-based treatments at these luxurious spas

Top 10 Wine Spas

"Wine" down in style. Whether it's a soak, wrap, scrub or peel, these luxurious vinotherapy spas around the world are just what you need.


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