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March 2016
Vol. XIV, No. 1

Find the best wines that won't break the bank with GAYOT's Top 10 Wines Under $20

Top 10 Wines Under $20

Even if the tax man gets you, there's no excuse to be stuck with Two Buck Chuck.

Discover the best aperitifs to whet your appetite with GAYOT's guide to this popular spirit

The Best Aperitifs

Get to know the secret blend of herbs and spices behind these spirits that are sure to whet your appetite.

Get a taste of the Emerald Isle with GAYOT's Top 10 Irish Beers

Top 10 Irish Beers

Enjoy the Emerald Isle's best stouts, ales and lagers long after St. Patrick's Day.

GAYOT's Top 10 Prestige Cognacs will help you discover why this French spirit is a favorite of business execs, hip-hop moguls and aristocrats around the world

Top 10 Prestige Cognacs

Feeling fancy? It's time to sip the world's finest 'gnacs because you got it like that.

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