Best IPAs

Fall in Love with IPAs: The Very Best India Pale Ales

By Bob Barnes

India Pale Ales earned their name in the days of the British empire, when brewers used hops to extend the life of beer so it would survive the long sea voyage to reach soldiers stationed in India. Higher alcohol and hop content acts as a natural preservative. Today's brews have evolved considerably, with American versions containing far more hops than their British forebears.

Complicating things further, brewers have wildly subverted the original recipes, with dark Cascadian IPAs, extra-strong double IPAs and brews that combine specialty ingredients as far-ranging as coffee, rye, lemon, blood orange and nectarine.

Luckily, GAYOT has gotten its hands on the best IPAs on the market, from American-style hop monsters to lighter versions sweetened with malt or fruit—contributing to some of the Health Benefits of Beer.

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