Best Vodka Cocktails

Recipes for Great-Tasting Vodka Cocktails

By Lilly Kuwashima

Vodka's crisp, clean and subtle flavor blends beautifully with lemon juice, ginger beer and even absinthe. In fact, it mixes well with almost anything. That's probably one of the reasons vodka is, by volume, the most popular spirit in the United States. If you look elsewhere in the world, Russians drink an average of twenty liters of vodka a year.

To celebrate its top-selling status, we've collected the best vodka cocktail recipes in the U.S., from cities including New York, Aspen and Las Vegas.

Get into the spirit and learn how to make these mixed drinks at home with GAYOT's Best Vodka Cocktails. And if you love these cocktails, you'll enjoy our list of Top Infused Vodka brands as well.