Holiday Movies

Arthur Claus is a good-hearted guy who just can't catch a break. 

He's clumsy, a burden on the family business and he has an irrational fear of almost everything — especially his alpha-male older brother. Oh, and did we mention his dad is Santa? However, when a gift goes missing on Christmas Eve, it's up to Arthur to find and deliver it, reinstilling his family's holiday spirit in the process. Produced by claymation pioneers Aardman Animations ("Wallace and Gromit," "Shaun the Sheep"), "Arthur Christmas" is the company's first foray into digital 3D animation — and the results are inspired. The film's depiction of the high-tech gift-giving operation at the North Pole is clever and visually stunning, while Arthur's strained yet loving relationship with his famous family is relatable to both kids and adults.