Gresham Palace

Széchenyi István tér 5 Budapest

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Along the River Danube is a palace that is a spectacular sight to behold.

The exterior of Gresham Palace in Budapest

Among the city’s monument highlights, on the right bank of the Danube called Pest, facing the Castle on the other bank called Buda, sits the Gresham Palace for the enjoyment of Art Nouveau lovers and also for the well-heeled tourists. The splendid structure is now a Four Seasons hotel and indeed, one of the most impressive.

Built in the era of Art Nouveau in 1906 by a British financial mogul who then owned part of the London stock exchange as a seat for his insurance company, it has resisted the destruction of two wars and the dreary days of communism that transformed it into an apartment building.

It’s not so astonishing that capitalism prevailed to return the Gresham to its past grandeur. After all, it was Sir Thomas Gresham, a pillar of capitalism in 1558, that formulated the principle that “bad money drives out good” that was later dubbed the Gresham law: "I anticipate that our great financiers and the Federal Reserve have this principle in mind as they concoct the fabrication of more money to stimulate the current weakened economy."

Photo by Sarah Stierch

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