Coop Vert Tuyau

Do some shopping at this charming craft store.

Coop Vert Tuyau showcases works of local artists and artisans

Spend an afternoon wandering, stopping in at little shops such as the Coop Vert Tuyau. A showcase for the works of local artists and artisans, Vert Tuyau — literally meaning a 'green pipe' — is a small store bursting with inventive, ecologically friendly items. There are handbags made of recycled cassette tapes and quilted belts that look much like modern-day versions of those originally worn by early Québec settlers. Also to be found are simple, but beautiful patchworks made of colorful hand-me-downs.

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6 Rue du Cul de Sac Québec City QC G1K 8L4 Canada



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Family Shop

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