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The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Amsterdam business travelers.

Amsterdam's business roots go deep. It was the city that boasted the world’s first multinational corporation, the Dutch East India Company, and over the years this ahead-of-the-curve business savvy is still evident. Founded as a fishing village, the city enjoys a flourishing economy bolstered by industries such as international trading, banking and financial services, and tourism. While The Hague ("Den Haag") is the Netherlands’ administrative capital, it is Amsterdam that is the country’s beating heart and de facto business center. Much of this is due to the city’s speedy embrace of high-tech facilities, easy telecommunications, bountiful conference options, extensive shopping and cultural amenities, and multilingual locals.

While Dutch is the official language of the country, most of the population in Amsterdam converses eloquently in English (sometimes also in German and French). The locals’ easy warmth is echoed by that of the gentle climate: From May to October the temperature seldom exceeds 80 degrees, and in winter months it rarely dips below freezing. Despite regular showers and cloudy days, Amsterdam is a city that conducts much of life outdoors, and its hundreds of canal-side cafés make dining alfresco practically a daily occurrence.

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