Tel Aviv Business Travel Guide

The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Tel Aviv business travelers.

Founded in 1909, Tel Aviv combines the intensity of Manhattan and the wild nightlife of Rio. The round-the-clock activity in this thriving metropolis revolves around commerce, tech, fashion and luxury goods. Known to locals as "The Big Orange," the city is always in high gear.

Performances at places like the well-known Cameri Theater, museums that display artwork from Picasso and the latest avant-garde photographers, the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli Opera make this city a high-class destination on a par with other international hot spots. On any given night you will find crowds floating from concert hall to performance space, from restaurant to jazz bar — against the backdrop of the stunning Mediterranean shoreline.

So, make the most of your business trip to Tel Aviv by taking a look at GAYOT's travel guide, which has recommendations for where to stay, dine and what to do when you're not on the clock.

Safety Note:
Tel Aviv is a dynamic city that welcomes travelers from around the globe; it is also a destination where personal safety can be an issue. Check with your embassy or consulate for current security information when planning your trip, and be aware of your surroundings while traveling around the city, particularly in busy, crowded areas.