100 Things For Every Gearhead To Do Before They Die

100 Things for Every Gearhead to Do Before They Die

By Jason Fogelson

(Reedy Press, LLC, 2015)



100 Things For Every Gearhead to Do Before They Die
Jason Fogelson’s new book is a grand bucket list for gearheads

Automobile aficionados must add this book to their collection. Although the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of “gearhead” can be broad, the word means “a person who is very interested in mechanical and technical things (such as cars and computers),” t
he book will appeal to anyone who’s somewhat interested in automobiles, motorcycles, their history, how they are made and where you can see them perform.

Written by automobile journalist Jason Fogelson, this book covers–in 100 topics–
a number of ideas that automobile (and motorcycle) fans could add to their bucket list of things to do in America. Black and white photos illustrate scenic pitstops to visit, along with interviews of gearheads, such as Jay Leno and Alonzo Boden. It’s an easy read that will get the wheels in your head turning about all the things you’ve missed.

Sections in the book journey into Rides and Drives, Auctions, Museums, Car Shows and Factory Tours, among others. It’s an affordable gift idea for yourself or the next gearhead you know.

Remember, gearheads never die (too young)!

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