Glitter Everywhere

Hasty Torres, Madame Chocolat; Actress Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives); with Sophie Gayot

by Sophie Gayot

By the end of yesterday’s reception at the French Consulate in Beverly Hills, the guests were covered with glitter. Had we gotten too close to the models, who were wearing fine French jewels? No, the glitter was coming from the Madame Chocolat truffles! For the fifth edition of “The Jewels of France” event, chocolatier Hasty Torres was offering edible glitter truffles.

We had a few. Or maybe a lot, I’m not sure; when it comes to chocolate, we make all these excuses. We had to choose from the dark chocolate espresso covered in gold and silver, the white chocolate lime in blue or green, and the red and fuchsia filled with milk chocolate raspberry (my favorite).

Actress Teri Hatcher was the guest of honor of the opening night of the three-day trunk show taking place in Beverly Hills at Jewels by Nasrin Imani, from October 18th to the 20th. She had a chocolate story to tell Torres. Last Easter, she received a big chocolate bunny from Madame Chocolat. It was delivered in the morning, and she left it in her hallway where there are large windows. When she came home that evening, the rabbit was bowing due to the heat. We guess that Hatcher has learned her lesson, and will keep the 14-inch chocolate Eiffel tower she received last night away from the sun.

To salute France, chef Mark Kearney, who co-produced the event with UbiFrance, was serving Sonoma sautéed foie gras (let us enjoy it before it becomes illegal in California on July 1, 2012), Roquefort terrine, filet mignon tartare, and scallops, paired with Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne.

You can click on each photo to enlarge. All photos by Sophie Gayot.