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Flag design on tailfin
Flag design on tailfin

American Airlines Flies with new Logo and Livery

by Alain Gayot

Every so often an airline comes out with new features, and there is a lot brewing these days with new aircraft technology. American Airlines has reached such a milestone with the advent of light aircraft based on carbon fiber parts and other lightweight materials. For decades, the iconic airline flew with shiny aluminum skins only seen these days on vintage aircraft at shows and museums. A requirement had made it that AA needed to paint their planes. So starting today American Airlines Flight #963 from Dallas to Sao Paolo, Brazil, is the first commercial flight of the airline’s brand new 777-300ER plane to fly the new exterior scheme with silver mica paint to remind you of the earlier planes’ metallic look. A new modern logo with a stylized eagle sits next to the giant word “American” while on the tail waves a proud rendition of Old Glory.

Inside is a new cabin with upgraded seating arrangements for First Class and Business Class along with refreshed food and beverage items and a suite of amenities ranging from Akhassa beauty products to lux pajamas to Samsung Galaxy tablets. With larger overhead bins in the new soothing Boeing Sky interior, life becomes more pleasant for passengers and crew.

American Airlines is looking to introduce 550 aircraft over the next decade to their lineup including new generation Boeing 787s and Airbus Neos making it one of the most modern fleets in the sky. To complete a stylish and fashionable statement, soon crew members will don uniforms designed by KAUFMANFRANCO.

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