The Many Flavors of Belvedere Vodka

By admin
[youtube id=”DJNHA9uNzTc”] by Sophie Gayot What better way to discover (or rediscover) Belvedere Vodka than with Claire Smith, the Head of Spirit Creation & Mixology for the company, seen in the video above? You will also learn what the Polish government has done to protect the spirit, which it considers a very important national treasure. What Smith did not tell us is that vodka, which originates from Poland, was once considered “medication” and was introduced to Russia in the fourteenth century by the Genovese. Way back when, medicine as we know it today was almost nonexistent, so it is easy to understand why doctors were using vodka as a treatment! If you continue watching the video, Belvedere Vodka U.S. Ambassador Christine England will teach you how to make a sweet cocktail with Belvedere Pure that is perfect for dessert, especially for women. Related links: Top 10 Vodkas More of the World’s Best Vodkas Top 10 Flavored Vodkas You can click on each photo to enlarge.