B. B. B. B. in Beverly Hills

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[youtube id=”xruZGco3Qow”] by Sophie Gayot  

Enjoy a “bon” beef burger at Bouchon in Beverly Hills.  After all, Bouchon is a French bistro, and “bon” is French for “good.” In fact, I’d say it is a “très bon” burger. Though of German origin, the hamburger has now become an American food staple that chef Thomas Keller had to add to his menu next to the steak frites, le croque-Madame and les moules au safran.   Originally, it was only supposed to be offered Thursdays through Saturdays after 9pm at the bar of the bistro, but it is proved so successful, it is now also available for lunch from Monday to Friday. What makes it “très bon?” Watch our exclusive GAYOT.com video to see executive chef Rory Herrmann explain how it is made. Of course, it starts with quality meat, a combination of prime cuts of sirloin, brisket and chuck. It ends with the house-made brioche buns made in the bakery area of the kitchen.

Which reminds me, when are you going to have a Bouchon Bakery so Angelenos can take home the delicious breads that are made fresh daily, instead of being restricted to enjoying them solely at the restaurant? Check out our lists of the best burgers in L.A. and the best hamburgers across the U.S. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see pictures of Bouchon Beverly Hills restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Bouchon Bistro on Urbanspoon