When Nothing Goes Wrong

By admin
[youtube id=”XAYt5CuEaGc”] by Sophie Gayot When dining at a restaurant, things can sometimes go wrong. It could be a small detail, such as a fingerprint on the border of a black plate, or a big mistake, like the server accidentally spilling something on a customer. When I dined recently at Café Pinot, I kept looking, searching, waiting for something wrong to pop up… and nothing happened. It was just a flawless evening, from the food of executive chef Kevin Meehan to the service. Watch my exclusive video with chef Meehan, and read the newly-updated review of Café Pinot, and learn why we raised the rating. The downtown Los Angeles restaurant now has a rating of 15 on our 20-point scale. You can click on each photo to enlarge. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Cafe Pinot on Urbanspoon