Afternoon Tea at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

Sweet and savory snacks accompany tea service at the Grand Hotel
Sweet and savory snacks accompany tea service at the Grand Hotel

by Patricia Mack

This is the tea party I only imagined when I was a little girl pouring make-believe orange pekoe for Teddy Bear and dollies, all of whom sat politely at my tiny table. And I, Grand Lady that I imagined myself to be, Mom’s Easter hat flopping over my brow, never spilled a drop.

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Tattle Tea Wine Infusion Kit – Review

Pinot Grigio infused with Tattle Tea's Love Struck Rooibos
Pinot Grigio infused with Tattle Tea’s Love Struck Rooibos

Wining about tea

In previous centuries, wine was often served spiced with ingredients like honey, cinnamon and cloves. Nowadays, the practice is much less common, apart from mulled wine during the winter holidays or jugs of sangria served at tapas bars. Yet, the possibilities for enhancing wine are endless.

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ManaTea Infuser – Product Review





ManaTea Infuser
ManaTea Infuser

Your Tea Just Got a Whole Lot Cuter

Hipster owls are so yesterday. Here comes the manatee! Your tea-drinking experience won’t ever be the same with the addition of this adorable animal tea infuser.

While this little product might not steep your tea as quickly as metal infusers, it still fulfills its purpose. The ManaTea is made from food-safe silicon, is easy to use and surprisingly stable — the cute creature’s flippers keep it from falling into the tea cup. The manatee’s body holds a good amount of tea and works well for medium to large tea leaves. It’s also very easy to clean.

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Dilmah Tea — Review




Rilhena Estate Ceylon Souchong

Reviewed by Julia Mason

Sri Lanka’s only vertically integrated tea company, Dilmah owns some of the best Ceylon tea estates. Instead of blending teas from various regions, this family-owned company is committed to producing single-origin tea using traditional methods. All of their teas are made using the “orthodox” style – a production process that begins with handpicking the leaves and ends with oxidization and firing.

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Tea Honey

Savannah Bee Company Tea Honey
Savannah Bee Company Tea Honey

by Patricia Mack

When it’s teatime, don’t ask me, “One lump or two?”

I take my tea with honey.

It used to be any kind of honey — orange blossom, blueberry, sage, buckwheat, thistle, heather, dandelion — or any kind that was on hand. But I’ve found something better: Savannah Bee Company Tea Honey.

Its sweetness is more subtle than other commercial honeys, and its viscosity is thinner, reminiscent of some European honeys that pour quickly and cook or roast beautifully into elegant glazes for vegetables and poultry. The heat of the hot steeping tea combines with this honey to create a new flavor note that is altogether pleasing with neither the tea nor the honey dominating the wonderful, delicate brew in the cup.  

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