Drago Centro Does Barbecue

By admin
[youtube id=”0sd_TeyZTq4″] by Sophie Gayot To celebrate the beginning of summer, chefs Celestino Drago and Ian Gresik recently organized a Sunday afternoon barbecue. I almost dressed in short pants, but since the event was at the elegant Drago Centro restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, I did not. I am glad that I wore a dress as it was quite a feast. Yes there were some “barbecue” elements, like suckling pig, whole chicken, pork sausage, lamb leg and roasted baby goat, but they were all delicately cooked and served with tasty sauces on delicious homemade pasta and risotto. Watching my exclusive video interview with Drago and Gresik is sure to whet your appetite. You will also discover the secret of the restaurant’s private dining room. You can enjoy Celestino Drago’s cuisine at his other restaurants: Drago, in Santa Monica, which has been there for more than 21 years, Enoteca Drago and Il Pastaio, both in Beverly Hills. If you are looking for the best barbecue restaurants, go to GAYOT.com Top 10 Barbecue Restaurants in LA. If you would rather make your own, consult our All About Barbecue page, which also lists our Top 10 Barbecue Grills. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Drago Centro restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Drago Centro on Urbanspoon