One Church & One State

By admin
[youtube id=”J_n2qDHPNOs”] by: Sophie Gayot A few months ago, I ran into Yassmin Sarmadi, owner of Church & State, the great French bistro in downtown Los Angeles. She mentioned to me that she was looking for a location to open Church & State #2 in what Angelenos call The Westside. I frowned. Why? Because, based on my previous visits, there could only be one Church & State. This is a restaurant with a soul, and I did not feel it should — or could — be duplicated. A recent visit confirmed my thoughts. After a great debut by former chef Walter Manzke, the flame had been kept alive. Jeremy Berlin took over, and it was all good. Watch my exclusive video interview with the chef, and read my new review of Church & State. The last word from Sarmadi: “No, I am not opening another Church & State.” Let us hope she does not change her mind again. For more bistros in Los Angeles, go to Top 10 LA Bistros list. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Church & State restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Church & State on Urbanspoon