Cindy Sherman at The Broad

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Cindy Sherman, Untitled #92, 1981The Original Selfie Queen Hits LA By Laura Gatewood The first temporary exhibition at The Broad Museum in Downtown LA – “Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life”–  covers forty years and more than 120 works by the iconic photographer.  It’s the artist’s first show in the City of Angels in 19 years and judging from all the sold-out dates, it’s one of the hottest tickets in town.  In a world where the term ‘selfie’ has become part of the universal vernacular, Cindy Sherman was arguably the first to have made a career out of taking pictures where her face is the star of every photograph. But Sherman upends the notion of a selfie – though she is technically in every work, the artist as her natural self is nowhere to be seen. It’s as if she becomes less recognizable the more we see of her. A photograph, historically, captures reality, but in the deft hands of Sherman, the medium becomes an ironic twist on what is real. Her subtle photographic satires show that the true image of self is constantly obscured by the pull of what society teaches about desirability and the push of the individual’s own identify. In Los Angeles, a land where celluloid magic reigns, the exhibition offers a look into selfies that exist in an ambivalent, conceptual space where art and life can never be mutually exclusive. The exhibit goes through October 2.
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