City of Gold – Movie Review

Jonathan Gold's documentary, "City of Gold," explores Los Angeles's unique culture through its food

Genre: Documentary, Biography
Directed by:
Laura Gabbert
Jonathan Gold, Allen Salkin
Released by:
IFC Films
Run Time: 1h 36 min


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By Anna Albaryan

In this epic love story to the city of Los Angeles and its colorful food scene, restaurant critic Jonathan Gold paints an intimate portrait of his hometown with a different kind of artist’s palette. By bringing to center stage the no-name, hole-in-the-wall spots that make LA’s culture so rich, Gold accomplishes what few have done in the past. He shows us the true face of this vibrant city by exploring its most diverse eateries, and more importantly, the people who keep them running.


To add authenticity, director Laura Gabbert and cinematographer Jerry Henry are also native Angelenos who help bring the city’s best qualities to the table, so to speak. It’s a film dedicated to exploring the sprawling dining scene in Los Angeles the way it was meant to be explored: up close and personal. The filmmakers follow Gold on foot for much of the film to offer up a glimpse of the city that’s as authentic as the tacos from the critic’s favorite food truck. Plus, the audience can gain a deeper knowledge of the man behind the pen (utensil?). Gold, shares his profound relationship with the city like never before.



Learn more at the “City of Gold” official website

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