Don’t Hide Why It Closed

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Chefs Nyesha Arrington and Josiah Citrin

Chefs Nyesha Arrington and Josiah Citrin

by Sophie Gayot While I am traveling in France it came to my attention that Caché Restaurant & Lounge in Santa Monica, CA, has closed. The news did not really surprise me. A few weeks after it opened a little over a year ago, I had a rather unsatisfactory meal there, as did the other three guests at my table. Others I respected also did not recommend it, despite its fabulous pedigree on paper. Brothers Greg and Colin Strause and developers Steven Lee and Richard Chacker had partnered with chef Josiah Citrin, chef/owner of Mélisse, one of’s Top 40 Restaurants in the U.S. since 2006, and chef Nyesha Arrington, Citrin’s protégée who had worked at Mélisse and Robuchon in Las Vegas. But the results on the plate were not what it should have been from such a top team.
Previous to Caché, (which means hidden in French), the investors had opened Hidden in the former space of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Schatzi’s on Main restaurant. Hidden was not a success either, and brings back memories of what I have to say was a bad meal. The crowd has spoken: it takes more than ambiance and décor to make a restaurant successful. 
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