No Ghost Vodka

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[youtube id=”37ykPtB0xMw”] by Sophie Gayot
Although he’s best known for comedy, from Saturday Night Live to The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters (to name just a few), making vodka is no joke to Dan Aykroyd. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting the Canadian comic actor last week at The Blvd restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Watch my exclusive video interview with him, and you will see the passion he puts into his Crystal Head Vodka.
The Canadian spirit is made with water from a deep aquifer in Newfoundland, then distilled four times and filtered three times through Herkimer diamond crystals (which are believed to emit positive energy). Only 18 months since its 2009 launch, one million bottles have already been produced. To mark the milestone, the mixologist at The Blvd’s bar created a special cocktail to be served only in October: a blood orange screwdriver that combines muddled blood oranges, Crystal Head Vodka and a splash of Prosecco ($18). In the US, Crystal Head Vodka is currently sold in California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Nevada, for a suggested retail price of $49.95 for a 750ml-bottle packaged in a gift box.
The distinctive crystal head-shaped bottle is inspired by the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, which supposedly carry magical power and healing properties. We surmise that Aykroyd’s bottle does not defy the laws of crystallography and the axis of symmetry (to prevent the crystal from splitting during processing) like the Mitchell-Hedges skull, the most famous of the 13. We are happy to announce that Crystal Head Vodka has earned a place on our Top 10 Vodkas list. For more about vodka and other spirits, visit our spirits section.   More vodka-related video interviews: