Fichimori: A Red Wine for Summer

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The bar at L'Apicio restaurant in New York City

The bar at L’Apicio restaurant in New York City

Chill Out with a Refreshing Italian Red by Michelle Kwan Move over rosé: there’s a new chilled summer wine on the market. Fichimori is a stunning new red, predominantly comprised of Negroamaro grapes, which are native to certain parts of Italy but rarely used in international winemaking. Finished off with just a splash of Syrah, this chilled red blend from the Puglia region could prove to be a sweet Southern Italian alternative to bottles of the pink stuff. Rosé, a wine synonymous with the summer season and all the rooftop, terrace, patio and deck drinking that comes with it, is popular partly because of its refreshing floral character and notes of summer fruits; most bottles bloom with strawberries, peaches and apricots, as well as citrus like lemons and oranges. Fichimori, the work of noted winemakers Tormaresca, has a comparably deeper body than its rosé counterparts, but with a fresher, more fruit-forward character marked by bright notes of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, plus touches of ripe cherry sweetness. Fichimori is made possible thanks to a unique, days-long cold maceration process, leaving each bottle with its balanced fruitiness, and almost none of the plaguing tannins that would otherwise haunt a chilled wine. At almost 13%, the wine’s alcohol content is nearly imperceptible, leaving only crisp, vibrant fruit notes that can help propel any summer party. During a recent New York City unveiling at L’Apicio on East 1st Street, Tormaresca demonstrated the versatility of its new Fichimori chilled red wine, showing it off as an accompaniment to food (think: slightly spicy arugula salads or a roasted pork meatball polenta) as well as cocktails. When combined with suitable sidekicks like Prosecco or the Italian aperitif Aperol (or even a jigger of Bourbon) Fichimori performs admirably, helping to give a sweeter, deeper edge to many drinks. Rosé’s grip on the chilled summer wine market may be as tight as ever, but Tormaresca is out to show that their Fichimori red wine blend is just as suitable for a warm, moonlit evening. Learn more about Fichimori wine at the official website Related Content: Top 10 Summer Wines Top 10 Rosés New York Culinary Events Tormaresca official website