And One Burger for the President

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's memoirs, A Journey: My Political Life

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s memoirs, A Journey: My Political Life

by André Gayot On this proposition, scientists are, at least, unanimous: “We are what we eat.” Fine, but even if I trust the verdict, I am not sure of what it means and entails exactly. For example, in what capacity could we, with the content of our plates, supersede or contradict the Darwinian theory of evolution? Would it be possible via eating to transform ourselves into creatures different than the ones pre-determined by our genes? Without digging too deeply into this philosophical comestible matter, one sure thing is that eating is the most common and frequent act of our lives. We all — including the Pope, the Kings and the Presidents — do eat, but some of us do it better than others. As to ourselves, if we are smart enough in that endeavor, the Presidency of the United States could very well be in our lunch box. At least, that’s what Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister believes and recommends to future candidates. In his recently published memoirs, he describes watching Bill Clinton, in the “faded” British resort of Blackpool, eating a late-night McDonald’s burger and fries and then shooting the breeze with folks to the amusement and astonishment of late diners. Blair feels that it was this behavior (and, understandably, this food) that built Clinton’s popularity and won him the Presidency because, he contends,”. . . the public bought a sensible, modern, worked-out program based on a philosophy that seemed far more relevant to their times than anything they had been offered before.” So, candidates-to-be, don’t waste your money and ruin your chances with the wrong meal! Be informed that a burger at the right time and place (a tad faded, if possible) can do more for your career than a pricey dinner at Jean-Georges. Listen to Tony and stick to the philosophy of your time. Tony Blair does not specify whether he munches on burgers and fries or whether this diet is one of the reasons behind his personal political demise and that of his party, but he must have other recipes for success up his sleeve, like writing a book filled with his precious observations. Rumor has it that the former leader of British socialism, thanks to his writings and speeches, sits on a very comfortable capitalist fortune.