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Public speaker, mentor and life coach Gordana Biernat
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Thinker, seeker and endless explorer of the mind-body-spirit connection, Gordana Biernat is a multicultural, multilingual public speaker, life coach and mentor. A sought-after workshop leader, consultant and adviser around the world, Biernat helps everyone from corporate clients and celebrities to private individuals focus on actively creating and achieving their goals. She admits to enjoying social media (her Twitter followers number well over 200k) and her favorite motto is “Dream your life and live your dream!” Here, she tells GAYOT a little bit about what makes her life so grand.

Where are your favorite places in Sweden?

By all means Stockholm. During my latest visit in Stockholm I stayed at the magnificent Grand Hotel, which is probably the best hotel in Sweden. The Old Town, the most beautiful and charismatic part of Stockholm, is a labyrinth of old houses with narrow, never-ending alleys giving you a feeling of being in a Harry Potter movie. You can always find a picturesque café, an excellent restaurant or a small shop just around the corner. There is a crispness in the air and a specific luminosity to the light that presents every house, cloud, tree or street with an almost photo-realistic sharpness and crystal clear colors. To me, the Old Town in Stockholm is truly a magical place.

View of Stockholm from the Grand Hotel

What are your favorite houses of meditation or peaceful getaways?

Even though I do not confess myself to any specific religion, I am a spiritual being in the process of figuring out who I am and why I am here. There is a high “frequency” in all beautiful things elevating the spirit in those who take the time to allow it through their heart. The abundance of medieval churches in Kraków, Poland, offers me instant access to meditation spots on literally every street. The architecture, relying on the balance and beauty of the golden ratio, naturally connects my body with my mind allowing my soul to rejuvenate me effortlessly.

Another place where I connect to my true self is in the riches of nature. There is beauty to be found everywhere in nature’s infinitely creative ways of expressing itself. Have you ever thought about how nature offers us unconditional love by relentlessly communicating “I will always be here for YOU”? All you have to do is to allow the frequency of unconditional love through you. If you have ever sat under an old tree you know what I mean. One of my recently discovered peaceful getaways is the Royal Botanic Gardens, perfectly situated between the vast ocean and the urban center in Sydney, Australia.

Photo courtesy of Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

You say that people have become “Consumers-Of-Things” forgetting our original soul purpose as “Collectors-Of-Experiences.” Do you think travel is an essential part of collecting experiences?

Yes, because a new place heightens my awareness and creates opportunities to experience ordinary things as if it is for the first time. Traveling or just changing my environment breaks habitual perception and always expands my senses. I even experience my home on return as new, different and fresh. We cannot take our “things” with us when we exit this life, but I am sure that it is allowed to take our emotions, memories and experiences with us as “carry on.” So, we might as well collect some more of them while we are here … because, in the end, isn’t that what we are here to do?

The stunning coastline along the Pacific Ocean

What foods bring you the most pleasure?

It depends on my mood. A Grand Cru Champagne and crispy potato chips will always give me pleasure, but a nice chicken wrap from Legal Grounds Cafe in Sydney puts a smile on my face when I’m on the go and hungry. A soft, creamy Torta di Ricotta (a salty cheese pie) with a glass of Barolo (a wine from Piedmont) on a September afternoon in our garden can definitely heighten my levels of serotonin and brighten the colors in my reality. I love to cook and I spend a lot of time with my husband in our kitchen preparing food. I mention this because it is not just the food that gives me pleasure. To me, it is also about the company, the setting and the atmosphere in which the food is prepared, served and indulged. With really good friends almost anything, no matter how simple it is, can taste divine.

Life is for celebrating - drink Champagne!

Who are some of the people who have most inspired you?

I love exploring life, asking questions about who we are and why we are here. The answers seem to play hide-and-seek with me, giving me the pleasure of revealing truths in the smallest of everyday things. A drop of dew on a straw of grass can contain a universe if I allow myself the joy of seeing it. It’s all about giving the magic behind the “real world” time to reveal itself to me. I am very inspired by nature but also by children because children seem to know all the important things grown-ups seem to have forgotten. They see magic where grown-ups seek logic and they do not fear change because they seek the funny rush of surprise. They know we are all here for the joy of exploring, so their primary goal is to seek happiness and have fun. They are effortlessly in tune with their source. Just observing them can inspire us to remember why we are here.

But my absolutely greatest inspirational sources on this adventurous quest called life are without a doubt my son and my husband. My son’s ability to share unconditional love with all sentient beings inspires me to higher thought and puts me in direct communication with the pureness of my soul. Just being around him reconnects me to who I truly am. My husband’s relaxed attitude to life and his focus on the joyous aspects of being, reminds me of why my soul has taken root in this physical reality. He inspires me to allow the pleasures of being alive in this space and he gives me the opportunity to share this with him. When around him, I always have the feeling that everything is possible.

Nature abounds with color and beauty

Is there a city whose energy you enjoy the most?

There are three cities that have the ability to heighten my frequency and connect me to my soul. The smooth jazzy, strictly academic and artistically bohemian town of Kraków brings out the best in me. Even though I live in Sweden — in my heart — Kraków is my home. The high spirited, super-friendly and conscious town of San Francisco makes me relax and want to “wear some flowers in my hair” while chatting with like-minded souls over a cup of coffee. The beautiful, easy-going and down-to-earth town of Sydney gives me the pleasure of enjoying great food, interacting with really nice people and experiencing the most breathtaking sunrises on the planet earth.

A beautiful, cloud-filled evening in Krakow, Poland

You have so many great words of wisdom, but if you could offer just one piece of advice to everyone, what would it be?

Life is a gift. You are here as a guest. Enjoy your stay. The joys of life come in different shapes and forms. Allow yourself to enjoy them all.


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