Low-Calorie Indian Delivery in San Francisco

Green Coriander offers healthful, low-fat Indian cuisine
Green Coriander offers healthful, low-fat Indian cuisine

by Tiffany Maleshefski


It’s dinnertime. The refrigerator is empty (yet again). You’re starving. And yes, it’d be easy to dig through the stack of takeout menus conveniently stuffed in the kitchen junk drawer, but wasn’t the point of that hour-long cardio workout and $15 salad for lunch to stay on the caloric straight and narrow? And here you are ready to undo it all in one phone call.

San Franciscans have the option of calling up Green Coriander, a new delivery service that promises Indian takeout fare that’s light on fat and heavy creams and is instead rich with nutritious and organic ingredients.

While earning an advanced degree in France, the delivery service’s founder, Paawan Kothari, did what every college student does: she ate at the on-campus cafeteria. Eight pounds later, she was not too keen on the cafeteria, or many to-go foods, for that matter. So she ditched her marketing career, a field she’d worked in for years, and ventured into the wide and saturated world of Indian takeout, determined to offer the world delicious Indian food that came guilt-free and full of flavor.

The result is a varying menu offered five days a week. The cuisine consists of mixed vegetables or chicken in a low-fat coconut sauce, traditional dals, and paneers cooked in an onion and tomato sauce instead of the usually decadent creams. Each item is prepared with a single teaspoon of oil per serving. In fact, the food item with the most calories is the rice (which is offered in both white and brown).

Customers call in their orders for lunch or dinner and Green Coriander will drop off the items at their office or home. Pick-up is also available by appointment and for dinner orders only. 

Truth be told, the low-fat, low-calorie promises made by Green Coriander do come through in the taste. There’s no question that, while it doesn’t taste like diet food, it can taste as if something is missing. (And something is: all the heavy creams and curries, duh). Kothari even says the cooking is more akin to the home cooking of an Indian household than a restaurant. It’s not what you’d necessarily want to use to entertain a household of guests who didn’t plan on dieting that night, but it is good for anyone needing a quick and easy way to eat healthfully. And who doesn’t need that?

For more information, call 415-728-1951 or visit www.greencoriander.com

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