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The 2013 Honda Accord will offer integration with Apple's Siri personal assistant

The 2013 Honda Accord will offer integration with Apple’s Siri personal assistant

In another step towards the iPhone’s ever-increasing ubiquity, Honda has teamed with Apple to integrate support for the software giant’s Siri personal assistant in its vehicles. The first cars slated to receive the high-tech treatment are the 2013 Honda Accord, Acura RDX and Acura ILX.

Dubbed Apple Siri Eyes Free, the service connects to drivers’ iPhones via Bluetooth, bringing the smooth-talking assistant into your car. Through the program, drivers can dictate texts, make phone calls, play music and get directions without ever touching a key or taking their eyes off the road. Developed with the idea of minimizing distraction in mind, Eyes Free works with steering wheel controls, and also keeps phones from lighting up in order to keep the temptation to respond immediately at bay.

While Honda is the first automaker to offer iPhone technology as a dealer-installed option, don’t be surprised to find others soon following suit. Car manufacturers as diverse as BMW, General Motors, Land Rover and Toyota have all expressed interest in integrating Siri into their vehicles.

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