Magical Moment

Angelina Jolie with Howard Posenerby Sophie Gayot

Last night, during Election Night, I was very lucky to meet Lord Howard Posener. Howard is a “Master Magician By Royal Appointment”. Yes, “Royal”, because he is Prince Charles’ private magician.  Howard’s card tricks made him famous, and he has performed them for presidents, celebrities and audiences all over the world.

He performed tricks out of a brand new deck of cards from the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas that I opened myself. Let me just say, I have the same deck of cards and there is nothing special about them- just a plain deck with the hotel’s logo. But in Howard’s hands, the cards disappeared and reappeared right before my eyes.

Still this afternoon, I cannot believe what I saw last night. But if you want to see Howard in action, you will have to have him come to your house as he only does private sessions. You can learn more about Howard here.

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