Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black
Johnnie Walker Double Black

by Jeff Hoyt

“Make it a double!” is an oft-spoken command to a bartender, but it takes on a different meaning when the spirit in question is Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whisky. Jim Beveridge, Master Blender of the House of Walker, has produced the company’s newest release, Johnnie Walker Double Black.

If you enjoy the smoky, peaty flavor of Johnnie Walker Black Label, then this new limited release gives you more of what you look for in a Scotch. The distinctive blend is even smokier, even peatier and even bolder than its younger brother, but eminently drinkable.

Double Black is composed of select single malts of naturally smoky aged whiskies and whiskies that have matured in deep charred oak barrels. Despite its strength, it is still quite complex, with fruit, vanilla and spice flavors also evident. We recommend drinking it on the rocks with water, which helps release more of the flavor.

Unless it was purchased in a duty free shop, Americans were not able to buy this in the U.S. — for a gift or for themselves — until its release in October, 2011. It is quite reasonably priced at $40 for a fifth; although marginally more than the Black Label ($34), it is significantly lower priced than the Green Label ($60), Gold Label ($85), and Blue Label ($220).

$40 (750 ml)

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3 thoughts on “Johnnie Walker Double Black”

  1. I was wondering if there is any retail store where I can buy double black in San Francisco Bay area. My dad is a huge fan of Johnnie Walker. I want to get it for his birthday. If anyone can have any information on where I could purchase around San Francisco Bay area. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

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  3. Save your time, this stuff is horrible. Go with the straight black – it’s a lot smoother. Go with this if you want to drink cigar juice out of a bottle.

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