Kid-Friendly Restaurants

It only counts if the food winds up inside your mouth!
It only counts if the food winds up inside your mouth!

by Jeff Hoyt

Sure, white tablecloths, linen napkins and soft candlelight are great when a couple wants to enjoy a romantic meal. But when baby makes three, a different kind of restaurant is needed. Feeding kids is tough enough when you have the home field advantage, where a toy or television can make the difference between proper nutrition and total frustration. When it comes to eating out as a family, you need all the help you can get.

Consult our lists of kid-friendly restaurants near you to find the best places to take the tots. At some, kids eat free. Others offer a special children’s menu. They all feature understanding staff, a kitchen open to the flexible whims of a child’s palate, and fellow diners who will put up with your kids’ shenanigans because you’re willing to put up with theirs. It all adds up to a winning formula for feeding your children outside of the home.

Our latest TASTES newsletter, published today, also includes the top 10 family resorts in the world to make travel with kids easier, as well as the best barbecue restaurants near you. And, for those times when you have a babysitter, check out the best restaurants & bars for happy hour. Sometimes Mommy has to put down the baby bottle and pick up a wine bottle.

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