More Than Sushi

Chef Keizo Ishiba from K-ZO restaurant in Culver City
Chef Keizo Ishiba from K-ZO restaurant in Culver City

By Sophie Gayot


As we know all too well, there is almost an endless list of sushi restaurants in the Los Angeles area. But very few have a chef who has learned French cuisine on top of the art of cutting and serving raw fish.

Because of this training, Japanese-born-and-raised chef Keizo Ishiba creates more elaborate sushi in his Culver City restaurant K-ZO than most places. The rest of his menu—small plates hot and cold, salads and desserts—are also a cut above.


K-ZO is our current Los Angeles restaurant of the week, and has earned a place on our Los Angeles Top 10 sushi list. And our collection of top 10 Los Angeles restaurant lists is nearly endless as well!


You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from K-ZO restaurant menu.
All photos by Sophie Gayot.

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