Louis XIII, the Cognac, is 140 years old

Cognac Louis XIII video

by Sophie Gayot
To celebrate the 140th birthday of Louis XIII Cognac, The House of Rémy Martin came out with a surprise that’s destined for Cognac connoisseurs — for advanced ones, considering the price tag of this very special bottle: $16,000 (plus tax).



The Louis XIII Black Pearl Anniversary Edition, limited to 775 decanters coming from a unique 572-liter tierçon, will be released in a few days in November. Between the golden liquid and the decanter, the result is a distinguished true work of passion, art and luxury.


Watch my exclusive video interview with Louis XIII brand ambassador Sten Lilja. You will get a full explanation of the birth of Louis XIII Cognac, the crown jewel of The House of Rémy Martin, which debuted in 1874.


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