Touring the Freezer in 90210

By admin
[youtube id=”vLQSltaBwPA”] by: Sophie Gayot A trip to the Vodbox at Nic’s Beverly Hills restaurant is a dream for vodka lovers. But there are some rules to follow before entering the 28-degree freezer: you must wear a fur coat, (faux, waiting for you right there); and don’t think you will be able to drive away right after your 15-minute tour. Luke Nicola, restaurateur Larry Nicola’s son, will guide you through 80 of the best boutique vodkas available from over 20 different countries, while never leaving 90210. Listen to him in my exclusive and chilly video interview above, and you’ll see his passion and knowledge of one of the world’s top spirits. To keep the quality of the offerings high, Father and Son have traveled through Europe to discover rare finds and treasures. Larry Nicola likes to call himself   “The Vodkateur.”
Vodka, which dates back to 11th century Poland, is a diminutive form of the Slavic word voda meaning water. Check our extremely popular Top 10 Vodka list in’s Spirits section.
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