Crossing the North Atlantic in Style on the Queen Mary 2

Skilled mixologists attend to every detail in even the most difficult-to-make cocktails



The Queen Mary 2 is the direct heir to this era, and as such many thanks must be given to Cunard, for keeping alive the ocean travel spirit and perpetuating the memory of this fantastic human adventure. She also deserves accolades for her green policies, which include smartly desalinating the water that is needed on board with the heat of the engine that would be lost otherwise, processing waste to limit pollution and reducing overall speeds to save hundreds of tons of fuel. This timeless week spent crossing the Atlantic passed quickly. Already, the lights glitter in the pale dawn of Southampton to remind us that reality is ashore, ready to absorb us again. It is time to restart our clocks.


Happy 10th anniversary Queen Mary 2!


Queen Mary 2 Facts



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Photos by André Gayot and Cunard.


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One thought on “Crossing the North Atlantic in Style on the Queen Mary 2”

  1. Dear Andre,
    Thank you for a lovely report and description of this wonderful crossing. It was a pleasure to read.
    Four of my American Cousins took this same ship to go to East Africa a few years ago, and had an absolute fabulous time.
    I myself, coming for the first time to the US, invited to spend the summer at my Aunt and Uncle’s in NYC, decided to cross by ship rather than fly,and came on the magnificent SS FRANCE. The crossing was beyond exceptional, but the arrival was unforgettable: it was early July,7.00 AM. A bluer sky never was, a brighter sunshine either, a more excited 20 year old never will be, but above all, a more magical appearance than the Statue of Liberty as we entered the New York Harbor certainly does not exist. I was so overwhelmed by so much beauty, by the unparalleled and grandiose Manhattan Skyline that I could not stop crying. And then I thought about the millions of people who immigrated to the US decades before, and I could feel in my heart the infinite joy and gratefulness they must have felt to be able to come to this beautiful country. If I, a privileged young Parisian, could be so, so moved by the sight of this exceptional and beautiful Tres Grande Dame, how could those poor people fleeing all the horrors they were lucky to escape from, feel at her sight? So I just cried some more!!
    Micheline Arnould

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