The Smells of Winter


By Tiffany Maleshefski

Some of our best childhood memories include coming home on a frigid day and entering a warm home scented with the savory smells of the kitchen. Oh, the irresistible smells of pot roasts and winter stews left to simmer all day, or a roasted chicken crackling in the oven. The smells of a pot of meat are not to be underestimated. But we’re all adults now, so the only way to recapture that feeling is to do it ourselves, or to find someone to do it for us.

In an attempt to reconnect people throughout the Bay Area with their warm and fuzzy childhood memories Sausalito’s Poggio is offering two very meaty specials both priced under $20.

Between February 2 and February 6, anyone who orders the Bollito misto will be rewarded with the arrival of a heated cart, whisked to the table, and offered five choices of sensationally simmered meats, such as brisket, tongue, capon, oxtail and house-made sausage. Diners have a choice between four sauces such as the Bagnetto Verde (parsley, garlic and anchovies), Bagnetto Rosa (tomatoes, basil and sweet peppers), or Mostarda di Cremona (made from citrus fruits, apples, pears and mustard oil smuggled in from Italy). Price: $19

Between now and the end of winter, the restaurant partners with Devil’s Gulch Ranch, famous for its top-notch, milk-fed pigs, to offer porchetta: deboned pig that is spit roasted for four hours. It’s served with Fagioli all’uccelletto: butter beans, tomatoes, garlic and sage cooked on the floor of the oven to catch all of the drippings from the pork. Price: $16. If you want to enhance your childhood memories, add a quart of chianti for $7.50!

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