Quattro’s “Ferrari of Pasta Makers”

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Chef Alessandro Cartumini shows us his P. Nuova pasta machine

by Tiffany Maleshefski

Not every Italian chef is a pasta fiend. But executive chef Alessandro Cartumini of Quattro Restaurant at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto, CA can’t do without his $10,000, 1.5 horsepower engine P.Nuova pasta machine.

He refers to it as the “Ferrari of pasta makers,” and it churns out 40 pounds of pasta per hour: gnocchetti, sardi, bucatini, and shapes that resemble miniature crowns and luxurious ribbons of festonata; and the to-die-for beautiful crestas, resting in velvety, slightly spicy tomato sauce; mouth-watering spinach ravioli topped with fried sage; and a gorgeous rigatoni stuffed with pork and served with poached cherries.

The P.Nuova is the only machine of its kind in all of Silicon Valley—and well worth a test drive.

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