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Christening Riviera Cruise Ship Barcelona

The christening of Riviera cruise ship in Barcelona

It’s Easy to Book a Cruise — It’s Hard to Pick the Right One by Andre Gayot What’s the right cruise for you or me? Let’s start with the size of the ship: Big? Not so big? Small? Big is beautiful, some say. But small can be also, I think. I have tried it all, including a 25-foot schooner, and they all have their charms. How much you will enjoy your voyage depends on many factors: age, temperament, dependence on comforts, openness to adventure, aptitude to control sea-sickness, etc. Nowadays the choices are wide open. Before booking, make sure to evaluate your expectations and your real personality. Once you know that, your desires can be satisfied by making the proper choices in selecting the destination, the span and length of the journey, the atmosphere on board, the bill, the time of year, and traveling companions. Is it fun and food galore you want? Sentimental or not so sentimental encounters you are looking for? Or is it relaxation, discovery of unknown horizons, and exotic cultures that you prefer? Do you crave palm trees and sandy beaches on emerald seas, or do you wish to admire and meditate on the vestiges of a fabulous past revisited? All these adventures are available on the largely open market today. Be certain to pick the one that fits you. There are so many of them that we won’t pretend to guide you through them all. However, we experienced recently what we believe is a new style of cruise launched by Oceania on their brand new Riviera. To share this Mediterranean escapade with us, read GAYOT.com’s Oceania Riviera cruise feature. Related Content: Top 10 Cruises for Specialty Dining Oceania Cruises Cruise Vacations