Gold versus Green at the Spa

The coed relaxation room at Sense, the spa at Rosewood Sandhill near San Francisco
The coed relaxation room at Sense, the spa at Rosewood Sandhill near San Francisco

by Tiffany Maleshefski

Perhaps this lousy economy is on the upswing after all. Sense, the spa at Rosewood Sandhill in Menlo Park, California is now offering a decadent treatment that infuses 24K gold into one of its body scrubs. In the Gold Rush Renewal, gold powder is blended into a scrub that uses raw sugar and fruit extracts. Why gold? Well, beyond being an ingredient that can’t help pique the interest of a proper spa junkie, apparently the shiny stuff is a natural anti-aging agent.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that gold has found its way into a luxury spa’s menu. Some folks (mainly those who produce gold-based products) claim that the metal increases blood circulation, thus speeding up cellular processes and activating regeneration. And there are lots of chemistry-based claims that the electrons in our skin cells are energized by the electric charges of gold, which in the long run minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Whatever the truth may be, knowing your body has been scrubbed for an entire hour with balms and scrubs laced with gold can’t help but feel rejuvenating. To top it off, the special scrub at Sense is followed by a full-body massage with Shea body butter.

I had the opportunity recently to indulge in one of Sense’s spa treatments, but opted instead to go green instead of gold with the Forest Sanctuary. It was like being wrapped in a cocoon of leaves, bark, and cedar, all foraged from a Redwood (in scrub form of course). Once I was scrubbed down, I was tightly wrapped in a surprisingly comfortable swaddle of heavy papers that sealed in the forest-inspired product. After 20 minutes or so, I rinsed off in the room’s private shower, and my therapist returned to complete the treatment with a head-to-toe massage. It was like a walk in the woods without the mosquitoes!

For those trying to make their gold go further, this month visitors can save 20% off mani and pedis from 5-7 p.m. Monday to Thursdays. They even pour complimentary bubbly or wine while spa-goers enjoy a manicure or pedicure during those times. And, all day Monday through Thursdays, you can get a 90-minute facial for the price of a 60 minute treatment.

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